Little Bible Messages #9: More Last Words

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes… Romans 1:16a

Dear friends,

This is my last devotion written to you as spiritual chair, and in a sense, these are for real my last words to you. So as I head off to college, I want to encourage you to be strong in your faith. While the world is evil, God will always be by your side during wickedness as you share your faith.

Paul starts Romans with his usual greeting and then writes about his desire to visit the Christians in Rome to encourage them, especially since their faith is known throughout the world. For this reason, Paul says his famous words: “…I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ.” Afterwards, he explains the wickedness of human nature—how people neglected to give God thankfulness and glory but ignored His obvious work in creation so that they could give into the pleasures of the flesh, unnatural to God’s perfect design, anything from being unmerciful to sexual perversion to idolatry. Why does Paul say he’s not ashamed? He says this because in condemning wickedness, he’ll be persecuted, imprisoned, and, in the end, executed.

Today, the same abominations in society are accepted as normal, and while you probably won’t be killed in America for your beliefs, you certainly will offend people for standing against the world’s wickedness. Therefore, don’t give into the societal pressures to stay silent about your faith. Instead, pursue intimacy with God through reading His Word and praying, always giving Him glory and thanksgiving in every situation. He will give you spiritual passion and guidance so that His influence through you cannot be stopped! Be bold in a corrupt society that tells you to follow your heart rather than following God; tune them out and tune into Jesus.

It’s been a rough year, my friends, but I have also had many great memories. I will miss the friendships I’ve made with many of you, but even as I leave you behind, remember that God will never leave you nor forsake you. While next year will come with challenges to being a light in the world, never be ashamed of the Gospel of Christ that saved you!

Goodbye, my friends. I love you all.


Jeremiah Yonemura

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