JAN 1, 2021




Focusing on God and His Plan for Us Next Year

Finding Focus 21 is a YouTube premiere and special event designed to set our hearts and minds on what God has for us next year.  We will achieve this by remembering God's goodness and deliverance in 2020 and then preparing for 2021 with worship music with Pastor Zach Diestler and guest speaker Pastor Razz Taylor!




Jeremiah Yonemura

Host/Primary Speaker

Hi, I'm Jeremiah!  I've been on YouTube for many years now, and since 2018, I've devoted my YouTube channel to sharing God's Word.  As I write and preach the Gospel, the Lord has given me joy in seeing the impact it has on others!  I look forward to seeing more lives touched through Truth and Love Ministries, Finding Focus, and my YouTube channel as I remain faithful to the Lord and the Great Commission!


Pastor Zach Diestler

FF21 Worship Leader

Zach Diestler was born and raised in the Bay Area, came to faith at a young age, and is blessed to be married to Nicole for over 16 years, and father to their son Semaje.  Over the past 15 years, Zach has served as an Associate Pastor of Children, Youth, and Worship, and is currently pursuing his Masters at Western Seminary while also being a spiritual counselor at a school in the San Francisco Bay Area.  He and Nicole founded the Bay Area Street Church, which reaches people on the streets of Oakland with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Pastor Randall "Razz" Taylor

Guest Speaker

Pastor Randall “Razz” Taylor has pastored for about 34/35 years.
Praise Chapel Concord began in Pleasant Hill California with his wife Eva and then 11 year old daughter Michele.
Later a move was made to Concord, California where several churches were planted from and overseas works supported. Pastor Razz has worked in several countries doing short term missions work.
Pastors Razz and Eva have turned the head reigns over to their son in law Marvic and daughter Michele who grew up in the church never departing from it.
Pastors Razz and Eva still continue to work in the church, remain on the board and continue to do overseas short term missions work whenever they can.
Go therefore into all the world, preach the gospel and make disciples! Always the Praise Chapel goal.


Recap of Finding Focus 21

Live on Purpose

In Finding Focus 21, we learned continuing to build God's Kingdom in 2021 and His temple in our hearts while hearing from Pastor Razz.  We also worshipped the Lord with Mr. Diestler.  In part 2, we introduced the theme of Live on Purpose and how it relates with Psalm 90.

Watch Finding Focus 21 to learn more!